After sales Support

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  • 24/7 remote support
    We provide 24/7 professional and dedicated technical services. No matter when or where,  our technical team will remotely connect via the internet, identify and provide solutions, and resolve issues in the shortest possible time. We also support remote system upgrades and maintenance to enhance system capabilities.
  • Spare parts service
    Thanks to a stable supply chain system, we can promptly provide you with high-quality original spare parts. Additionally, we can offer various other spare parts for you to choose from, meeting all your service requirements.
  • On-site services
    When your on-site equipment requires repair, we can quickly respond and arrive at the site as per the agreed-upon time, carrying out the maintenance work in compliance with safety requirements. Additionally, we also offer preventive maintenance services, conducting scheduled on-site inspections to prevent issues from arising.
  • 15MINS

    Respond to customers

  • 3DAYS

    Provide and maintenance spare parts

  • 2DAYS

    Resolve customer complaints

  • 1WEEKS

    Resolve customer issues

lf you have any questions,please leave your message online,and
we will replyyou questions once we have received it.
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