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4-way shuttle robot
The smart 4-way shuttle robot is the core product in high-density intelligent warehouse solutions. Density Robotics provides customers with more reliable solutions based on the product's high reliability, high mobility, high perception and high cost-effectiveness.
  • ±1mm
    Positioning accuracy
  • 3.2m/s
    Run speed
  • 1.5s
    Jacking up

Smart lifts system
The elevator system is the core of goods movement in the entire warehouse solution. A safe, stable, and long-lasting lift system can bring higher efficiency to the project.
  • 1.5t
  • 0.8m
    Run speed
  • 5.0w
Customized service
As the process of social automation deepens, the demand for automated solutions is becoming increasingly diverse. Regardless of any industry, goods storage is an issue that cannot be avoided. How can we solve the problem of goods storage and sorting in different industries and how can we efficiently complete the storage and sorting of goods? Click to learn about efficient storage solutions for different industries.

The e-commerce industry exhibits pronounced seasonal characteristics, with different goods storage demands during various seasonal activities. Click for more information and solutions.

The retail industry demands higher precision and timeliness for orders, especially for seasonal goods where time sensitivity is crucial. Click for more information and solutions.

In the 3PL industry, there is a large volume of goods with high turnover frequency, and the same batch of goods may be sent to various locations. How can accurate delivery of goods be ensured amidst such high-frequency movement? Click for more information and solutions.

In the tire industry, there is a high frequency of goods storage and transportation, with a wide range of tire sizes and a significant demand for tire logistics. Accurate and timely transfer of goods can greatly enhance production efficiency. Click for more information and solutions.

The healthcare industry needs to store large quantities of pharmaceuticals in zones, automate access and inventory counts, click more to learn about specialized solutions.

RCS software system

Density Robotics possesses a self-developed unified resource management system called the RCS system. It offers standard HTTP interfaces, enabling seamless integration with customer business logic through Web APIs, and integration with other intelligent devices within the warehouse.

Furthermore, the RCS software system allows 3D monitoring of equipment information and supports 3D simulation. It can handle up to 250 devices for simultaneous synchronization in the simulation, with the simulation results directly applicable for use.

Our business

Density Robotics is a company specializing in high-density smart warehousing solutions. Our product lineup includes two shuttle robots, elevator systems, and racking systems, as well as the RCS system. Our solutions cater to various industries, including e-commerce, retail, 3PL, and tire industries.

Additionally, we provide customized industry-specific solutions. Please contact us for your exclusive solution!

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