Density Core Software - RCS Dispatch System


If the performance of the product is a set of intelligent warehousing solution is stable and reliable premise, then simple to use, powerful system software is this set of solutions whether intelligent and good use of the basic guarantee.

Shanghai Guiwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in the AMR scheduling research and development on the basis of updating and completing the four-way shuttle scheduling difficulties, independent development of this set of RCS scheduling system. With five core functions, it can easily realize customer system docking, business logic docking, dynamic route planning, 3D supervision of equipment operation, 3D simulation of customer programs and so on.
What are the five major functions of the RCS system software? Quickly follow the editor to see it.


Product Performance

(I)Standard interfaces, flexible docking

RCS software system provides standard HTTP interface, through the Web API form can complete the external function link, realize the unity of the protocol, complete the flexible docking between each device.

图片1-web API.png

Web API Flexible docking of various devices


(II)Harmonization of resources and dynamic planning

RCS software system can unify the management of all automation equipments in the intelligent warehouse, such as intelligent four-way shuttle, robotic arm, AGV/AMR, charging piles, etc., and introduce intelligent contract and bidding mechanism to dynamically adjust the resource allocation strategy and prioritize the completion of time-sensitive operations. Real-time dynamic planning of operating routes, timely allocation of right of way, to achieve efficient and stable operation of the intelligent warehouse.



(III)Customized business systems

RCS adopts a low-code platform with simple deployment of business logic. With modular design, business logic can be deployed by drag-and-drop to achieve customized customer-specific business systems..




(IV)3D monitoring, control of equipment

Different from the handling system, as a software system for high-density three-dimensional warehouse solutions, in order to conveniently display the real-time status between different layers, Guida Intelligence adopts a 3D display form, which displays the information of each intelligent four-way shuttle, elevator, charging piles, and cargo spaces in the three-dimensional warehouse in a one-to-one 3D display, making the management easier and more efficient.


(V)Panoramic simulation, what you see is what you get

A good project solution can not be separated from excellent preliminary program planning. Guida Intelligence has a set of high-performance, high-accuracy 3D simulation system. It supports up to 250 robots simulation test at the same time, which can meet the multi-scenario program simulation test; the simulation results can be directly used in real business scenarios.


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