Who is Density Robotics

Density Robotics is a logistics technology company committed to becoming internationally competitive.

We aims to be a leader in high-density intelligent warehousing by integrating advanced sensing technology, positioning technology, control technology, decision algorithms, and other technologies into warehousing and logistics scenarios. This integration enhances the storage value and management value for customers and helps the global logistics industry build efficient logistics factories.


Currently, Density Robotics has three supporting service entities: Research and Development Center (Shanghai), Production and Research Center (Shanghai), and Metal Processing Center (Jiang Xi Province). We provide solutions for industries, including automotive components, among the Fortune Global 500 companies.

Our target Market

Focusing on the high-density warehousing market, we provide easy-to-deploy, lightweight, and intelligent high-density smart storage and sorting solutions. These solutions aim to address the storage and sorting challenges in the lightweight market for integrators and end-user factories, further enabling intelligent factory construction and achieving genuine cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.


Our product

(i)Four-way Shuttle Robot

In the high-density intelligent warehousing scenario, the four-way shuttle can move in four directions within the plane, namely forward, backward, left, and right. When combined with a elevator machine, it can achieve movement in three-dimensional space. Compared to other automated equipment such as shuttle boards, AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), and stacker cranes, the four-way shuttle offers higher flexibility.

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Density Robotics has developed two high-performance products for the four-way shuttle, namely, a large-sized and heavy-duty pallet four-way shuttle and a small to medium-sized lightweight case four-way shuttle. The pallet four-way shuttle has completed development and is already in production, used in multiple projects, including one of the Fortune Global 500 tire manufacturers. The case four-way shuttle has completed prototype testing and is expected to be mass-produced and introduced to the market in September of this year.

(ii)High-speed Vertical Elevator + Stable Racking System

Besides the powerful four-way shuttle robot, the performance of the auxiliary vertical elevator and racking systems is also crucial in a complete warehousing solution. To provide a more stable elevator and racking system, Density Robotics has designed and developed a set of specialized vertical elevator and racking systems specifically for use with the four-way shuttle, based on their project experience.


In terms of precision, the elevator system achieves ±2mm accuracy by combining encoders and laser positioning technology. Regarding operation, the system adopts a method where the shuttle and goods move together, significantly reducing the time required for cargo transportation. This ensures the smooth and stable operation of the shuttle robot

(iii)100% self-developed RCS and professional service

In addition to our products, we also offers powerful software support. We have developed our own RCS system, which seamlessly integrates with upper-level systems such as WMS (Warehouse Management System), MES (Manufacturing Execution System), WCS (Warehouse Control System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and more.


Moreover, the RCS can efficiently control the four-way shuttle robot within the factory and also manage other AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) and automated equipment, enabling comprehensive and integrated control within the facility.

To support stable project operations. Density Robotics also offers two considerate services . We have a professional team dedicated to providing unique project solutions for each industry, to provide exclusive solutions based on the specific circumstances of each segment within the industry. Furthermore, Density Robotics utilizes 3D simulation technology to calculate the actual efficiency of the proposed solutions before implementation.


What we did

Since its establishment, Density Robotics has provided services to various industries, including a Fortune Global 500 tire sidewall factory in the automotive components industry, a finished fastener warehouse in the retail industry, as well as scenarios in raw material warehouses, finished goods warehouses, clothing industry, retail industry, e-commerce industry, home furnishings industry, 3C manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical industry, and more. For more information, please feel free to contact us via Email:Sales@Density-Robotics.com.

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