The Density Robotics High Density Smart Storage Solution Difference

Use of AGV/AMR

At this stage, the use of AGVs/AMRs in smart factory applications has gradually become clearer in two main functions - handling and storage picking. Compared to the handling function, storage sorting has high complexity, high frequency, high timeliness and high intelligence requirements. In response to the storage sorting challenge, there are robot solutions on the market such as bin robots, shuttle boards, child shuttles, stackers and other robots. Guitizen has chosen a high-density intelligent bin storage solution with an intelligent four-way shuttle as the core.

Industry storage challenges

(I)Storage density is limited

The current three-dimensional warehouse storage commonly used stacker crane, child shuttle car and other solutions, the warehouse at the beginning of the establishment of the need to set aside many groups of aisles, the cargo space is usually placed back-to-back form, wasting a lot of storage space, storage density is limited.


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(II)Limited types of goods to be stored

Whether the solution is a stacker crane or a child shuttle, the same set of equipment needs to be confirmed at the beginning of use in terms of volume and weight of the goods stored, making it difficult to reuse the equipment and making expansion of the warehouse costly and time-consuming.

(III)Poor intelligence and limited operational efficiency

Most of the stackers and shuttles can only operate in the same aisle, with low operating and transfer speeds. Storage and transport follow fixed instructions and need to manually lift obstacles before resuming operation, which is less intelligent.

(IV)Difficulties with stable machine operation

Restricted by circumstances such as the navigation method and the quality of the machine itself, the product requires regular maintenance. For example, QR code update or removal of dust, running track maintenance, maintenance of internal parts of the product, etc., affecting the normal rhythm of warehouse production.



(I)Four-way shuttle for cargo space except for aisles

With the four-way shuttle as the core of the high-density intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, the platforms only need to leave one horizontal and one vertical connection aisle each in the extreme case, and the rest of the position can be used for cargo space. In general use, the transfer aisles are left in accordance with the project's requirements, greatly increasing the density of cargo space.


Lane in brown, cargo in blue, cargo space in green


(II)Multi-size four-way shuttles for multiple scenarios
The Guitizen intelligent four-way shuttle covers a full range of sizes and weights to meet the needs of heavy loads (up to 1.5T) and lightweight goods storage and transportation, such as raw boxes, bins and individual standard pallets of goods storage. The fully modular design of the racks can be both reused and added or removed at any time according to storage requirements, significantly reducing costs.


Intelligent four-way container truck


(III)Ultra-fast running speed, doubling efficiency

Based on the modular design of the lanes, the Guitizi smart pallet truck has an empty load of 2m/s and a steering speed of ≤1.5s, which greatly improves the efficiency of the goods running.

(IV)Extra-long MTBF testing, stable machine operation

Guideland intelligence to customer use oriented, each intelligent four-way shuttle MTBE (mean time without failure) are more than 1000h, the core components maintenance-free time 2w hours. And equipped with an exclusive 7 * 24h customer service team, so that customers use the product without worry.


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Industry implementations & innovative solutions

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